2b2t Travel Guide

The Spawn of 2b2t.org

Spawn is considered by many to be the most griefed and dangerous place in Minecraft.

Although much can be said about the destruction of Spawn, most of the players don't realise this is the cultural center of the server.

Most of the significant and important events, bases, battles, griefs, wars, and activities have all happened at Spawn.

Spawn contains a few of the server's wonders and landmarks, the time has come to view Spawn as a tourist-historic attraction, and not as a griefed place of horros and dangers.

2b2t has turned 8 years old, let's explore it's most inhabited and central area.

We will view some of the most famous monuments at Spawn, this list will include the coordinates to these locations and some history about them.

Please keep in mind these are NOT all the landmarks at Spawn on 2b2t. These are the ONLY relatively intact locatios. If one of them gets too griefed, we will remove it from the list.

Please, enjoy this travel book, use it as you wish and explore 2b2t on behalf of it's etenral god, the great Armorsmith.

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Inner Spawn

Inner Spawn is defined as the area where players can spawn when they didn't set a spawn point with a bed.

The area where players can Spawn on 2b2t isn't the Vanilla setting, and it ranges from 0,0 to about 1500 blocks off the center.

For the purpose of this travel guide, we will treat the entire area from 0,0 to 2000 (4000x4000) as inner Spawn, the famous milestones are as follows:


Coordinates: 0, 0, 0

The center of 2b2t.

This place is considered to be the most griefed part of Spawn, every single natural block but bedrock was destroyed by Withers and TNT. Navigating around is extremely difficult due to the lack of solid blocks within the area. Tens of lava casts were made and destroyed above the bedrock surface, and countless battles have occured due to the popularity of the area. The nether side of 0,0 is the center of all 4 highways on 2b2t.

When visiting 0,0 you may notice the weird pattern of builds, that is kept being repaired by almost all players, on different sections of the y axis. The builds that are common at 0,0 are:

    • The Wither Cave - The only ungriefable part of 0,0 where Crystal PvP battles occur.

    • The Water Cube - A large cube of water from y 0 to y 100 that prevents Crystal PvP fights.

    • The platform at y 64 is the old spawn point and the center highways on 2b2t and the sea surface.

    • The main Spawn lava cast between y 100 to y 220

    • The Obsidian Sky - a 2017 project made to cover 0,0 with darkness on y 256

200 150

Coordinates: 200, 191, 150

The closest base to 0,0 on 2b2t.

This base was made inside of a lava cast and has been griefed and repaired multiple times. It was used as the bed Spawn of Armorsmith for 4 months at the end of 2017. The base was visited by many famous players, and was griefed completely by the entire Spawn Masons faction when they used it as their lodge. The base had many rooms, a lag machine, farms and meeting areas. Many players were involved in the base, and to this day it is repaired by many.

The Octocast

Coordinates: -300, 100, -300

The Octocast is a star shaped lava cast that is considered to be the second largest lava cast on 2b2t after the 1 million X+ mountain. This lava cast is home to many ruiend bases such as New 200 150 by Riprat. It's also close to the ruins of the Spawn water cube and the Swastika lava cast.

4th Incursion Lava Curtain

Coordinates: 500 blocks away from 0,0

The 4th Incursion lava curtain is a famous lava cast at Spawn that used to include lava at it's top. The curtain was an obstacle built against TheCampingRusher and his fans by the 4th Incursion during 2016. In 2017 a similar curtain was made 1500 blocks away from 0,0 and was also used for similar purposes.

Southern Canal

Coordinates: Z+ axis

The Southern Canal is a long canal that starts at 0,0 and goes on the Z+ highway.

Historic Lava Casts

These lava casts used to contain historic bases and ruins below them, but weren't added to the travel guide because all of the ruins below them were destroyed completely. We will include the names of the bases below the lava casts, so you could look them up and see how they used to look like. But trust me when I say that they don't worth a visit. You can find the coordinates to these places and their history on other sources.

These lava casts include:

  • Wrath Outpost

  • NFE

  • The Penny Dropper

  • The Gape

  • Jared Town

  • Squid Base

  • Old Town

  • Fort Creatonism Corner

  • 2k2k (the most famous of them all)

Outter Spawn

Outter Spawn is defined as the area that is close enough to 0,0 in a way that no building could last there for long.

Some players believe this area ends 10,000 blocks away from Spawn.

Here are some interesting bases which can be found there:

Incursion Structures

Incursions structures are builds by Spawn Incursions made at Spawn. The two main builds are the canyons, which were made during the 4th and 7th Incursion (the largest canyon was made 2000 blocks away from Spawn) and the obsidian wall which was built 1000 blocks away from Spawn and was completely destroyed by Armorsmith and IHackedWalmart as an Armorsmith's Followers operation.

The X+ Highway End Portal

Coordinates: 1800, 0, 0

The X+ highway end portal is the most famous portal on 2b2t which is currently turned off. The portal is also the closest one to Spawn.

The Large Hammer and Sickle

Coordinates: 0, 64, -2000

The large hammer and sickle is one of the largest builds at Spawn, a 180k obsidian block hammer and sickle on the -Z highway built by Armorsmith's Followers.

Old Spawn Road

Coordinates: -3500, 64, 300

The old Spawn road is one of the oldest non axis roads on 2b2t built by LegitYarik in 2014 and was griefed by Armorsmith in 2018 after he built the Wrath of Armorsmith at the beginning of the road.

Valley of Ender Chests

Coordinates: 456, 64, -2566

The valley of ender chest is a valley full of ender chest. At the past, this valley was full of furnaces built by team avolition.

Bedrock Coment

Coordinates: -3378, 64, 6658

The bedrock comment is a large bedrock build.

Swastika Base

Coordinates: 6908, 64, -6000

Swastika base is a 2011 base which is known as one of the oldest 4chan bases on 2b2t and a well-known Spawn landmark.

The Largest Ocean at Spawn

Coordinates: -4542, 64, 9381

The largest ocean in Spawn is 2000 blocks long and has a large statue of a ballerina in the center.

Nether Spawn

Coordinates: 0, 0, 0

Nether Spawn is the most populated site on 2b2t with many fights occurring there. The 4 axis highways are the longest tunnles in Minecraft, and they all reach the world border. The diagonal highways don't reach the world border, but they still go for hundreds of thousands of blocks.

End Spawn

Coordinates: 0, 0, 0

End Spawn has some large lava casts and glitched bedrock floor, in addition to various strucutres, some are small while others are large.