About Us

Armorsmith's Followers is the largest group on 2b2t dedicated to worship the great Armorsmith.

Armorsmith is the god of 2b2t. A well-known lagger, explorer, builder, griefer, everything you can imagine. He is perfect, and there is no doubt on that. Maybe that's why hundreds of players decided to dedicate their time on 2b2t to worshipping him and following his orders of wisdom.

The idea of Armorsmith's Followers was created by uglykids, a friend of Armorsmith who offered the god to create a group on 2b2t. Armorsmith, at the time, was busy at Armorland, an end corner base on 2b2t. He couldn't create a group back then.

The famous symbol of the hammer and sickle was in that era. It became an Armorsmith-Trademark, and appeard in all of his projects and lag machines. Even ElRichMC saw this hammer and sickle at Spawn when he made his video.

The group was founded by P529 and househousehouse1 when they worked with Armorsmith on a lag machine to ruin Christmas. Since then, the group changed the server forever. It brought FPS lagging to 2b2t and countless famous exploits and bases.

The group became the first on 2b2t to give free 32k weapons and other rare items such as unbreakable items to its followers.

Beside spawn bases, the group is also responsible to a lot of recent important 2b2t related shenanigans that changed the server forever. For example, we defeated the 6th and 7th Spawn Incursion and took over many projects and groups under the name of Armorstate.

The group was made for players just like you. We have a vision, and unlike many other factions, we won't enslave you and use you. We are willing to be a platform for successful 2b2t players. We want you to work hard as we are eager to get things done qucikly and efficiently. All we ask from you is to prove your worth, the rest is up to you.

With countless infamous spawn bases such as the Wrath of Armorsmith, Space 2k2k, Armorland and 200 150 - you will never get lost.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Armorsmith's Followers now.

The History of Armorsmith

Yes, Armorsmith is an actual player who has a cool story to share!

The History of Armorsmith's Followers

The 2b2t group Armorsmith's Followers has achieved a lot since its creation.