Players come and go on 2b2t all the time. Some make history, others don't.


You'll never get bored doing these jobs. They're the perfect way of having fun on 2b2t and completing tasks as a new follower. They're the perfect way of getting trusted by us, and invited to group projects. They're the perfect way to get a high role in Armorsmith's Followers discord. They're the perfect way of making new friends. They're the perfect way of getting in-game items such as totems, armor, and illegal items for free. Want to learn more?

How to:

Firstly, choose a job and complete it in-game or on the Internet. After finishing the job, upload a valid proof (screenshots, videos, etc) to the discord server or send it to the leadership team, and then you will be rewarded with goods and services in-game or in the discord server. The more jobs you complete, the more valuable your in-game rewards will be. Some of our dedicated followers received the rarest of the rare when it comes to crafts and collectibles on 2b2t ranging from unbreakable items or signed books by Fit to dupes and exploits that changed the server forever.

Advertise the group in chat.

Spam the chat on with Armorsmith propaganda. The more you spam the better, this job requires you to enter our discord to receive the txt file used for the spammer, you may install a hacked client that supports txt files in the spammer mod.

Build Hammers and Sickles.

The idea of this job is to build hammers and sickles at Spawn. You can learn how to build these by copying the EXACT pixel pattern you see in the picture.

Create a video on YouTube.

Create a video about the great Armorsmith. It can be on any topic, from Armorsmith's history to Armorsmith memes.

Build an Armorsmith Base.

An Armorsmith base is a base that can be built within the 100,000 x 100,000 area around Spawn. It may include a hammer and sickle, as well as farms, buildings, and blocks like beds and anvils. The base shall not be large, but rather a compact and unique build that would express your basic building skills. Bases can include a donkey outpost as well, builders of these will get more goods as a reward.

Make sure these bases are sent privately to a member of the leadership team. Do not post the coordinates on a public chat channel.

Make an Armorsmith Drawing.

We give you the freedom to choose the style, the background and the topic.

Send a fitness picture.

Send your fitness picture in our discord server, make sure it includes a paper with your IGN written on it to identify its authenticity.

Spam r/2b2t

Spam r/2b2t with Armorsmith content. Make the content high quality for it to stay on the subreddit. These posts will get gilded by our high ranked members.

Design a Map Art.

Build a map art on 2b2t dedicated to Armorsmith. This needs to include a drawing of Armorsmith or a drawing of a hammer and sickle.

Help and gear new players.

Help and gear new players in the name of Armorsmith.

Create Armorsmith Withers

Name withers you see at Spawn. Take a nametag, and name them Armorsmith (or the discord link). You can also spawn withers on your own and name them properly.

Recruit New Followers

You can tell your friends to join Armorsmith's Followers and invite them to the discord server. If it is proven you made somebody join this discord, by him saying that, this will count as a completion of a job.

Harm our Enemies

Kill famous players on behalf of the great Armorsmith. You can also leak the coordinates of their bases to our leadership team, or insiding enemy factions.

IN THE IMAGE: Chezhead - the leader of the Facepunch Republic killed by Armorsmith